Because bullies at school suffered from insecurity and cowardice, they took their pent up rage out on 16-year-old Neo Hobbs. The bullies proceeded to beat the teenager senseless, eventually leaving him with a fractured skull and a severe brain injury. While the bullies thought their attack on the defenseless teen was “hilarious,” Neo Hobbs now has to relearn how to walk and talk again all because his bullies felt “insecure” about themselves.

Now that Hobbs is in the hospital, the doctors admit that it will take him months to recover fully – if he ever does. The skull fracture and bruising and bleeding left his brain beaten and ragged. It was a miracle that the gang of bullies didn’t kill him outright.

The attack occurred on January 17, 2019. Hobbs had been bullied for months by the time the attack happened. He was getting terrified of it and no longer wanted to risk his life and limb by going to school. Nonetheless, the school assured Hobbs that they’d keep him safe – and that’s when the attack came that left him with a severe brain injury and a broken skull.


When he was rushed to the hospital, his family showed up by his side immediately. They were horrified to see their teenage boy beaten to a pulp with a broken skull and a damaged brain. It was possible that he might never be the same ever again.

As is often the case, the Elko School District failed to take responsibility for their part in the attack. Because Hobbs had made it clear for weeks that he was terrified of going to school because of the bully, and the school made the promise – as they do for every student – to keep him safe, they failed their duty to him.

The school’s superintendent described the fight as occurring only between two students. They said punches were thrown and one student fell. But given the injuries that Hobbs suffered, the school’s lame retelling of the facts simply do not add up – he was beaten and abused as if by a hundred bullies – a gang – not one impotent man-child.


Doctors insist that Hobbs “had to have been hit with something.” Nevertheless, the school district does not want to admit that. They’d rather it be the consequences of fists than assault with a deadly weapon.

“You send them to school, and you shouldn’t have to worry about your kids going to school. Especially about something like this,” his heartbroken mother shared.

While Hobbs struggles to resume normal life from his hospital bed at the Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, his mother Sandra Davidson complained that his school never took Hobbs’s complaints seriously.

“This boy was saying stuff about him, and I told Neo, ‘Just ignore it.’ He says, ‘I am, mom. The best I can.’”

Because of the bullies, Hobbs will never be the same again – unless he is very, very lucky.

“He has to have a lot of physical therapy. He has to learn how to walk, talk, brush his teeth, and feed himself. He has to learn all that over again.”